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  1. Early Communication: Journey back in time to uncover the rudimentary forms of communication used by early humans, from cave paintings to oral traditions.
  2. Ancient Writing: Explore the emergence of written language in ancient civilizations, from cuneiform and hieroglyphics to the development of alphabets.
  3. Written Communication: Trace the evolution of written communication through the ages, from ancient scrolls and manuscripts to the invention of paper and the printing press.
  4. Postal Systems: Delve into the history of postal systems and how they revolutionized long-distance communication, from the earliest courier services to the establishment of national postal networks.
  5. Telegraph & Morse Code: Witness the dawn of telecommunication with the invention of the telegraph and the groundbreaking Morse code, which laid the foundation for rapid long-distance communication.
  6. Rise of Print Media: Explore the transformative impact of print media on society, from the Gutenberg Bible to the proliferation of newspapers, magazines, and books.

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